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Sacramento Freethought Day

Sunday, Oct 11, 2015 at State Capitol Building

Sunday, Oct 11, 2015

State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA

Thank You!

Our 13th Freethought Day was a giant success, thanks to all the volunteers, donors, speakers, the State of California, and everyone else that contributed to make the day happen.

Check out last year's excellent photos, and be sure to mark your calendar for the weekend of October 10-11, 2015.

Freethought Day 2015 Checklist:

  1. mark your calendar:
    • Oct 8 (Thu)
      Volunteers' Dinner
    • Oct 10 (Sat)
      Leadership Day
    • Oct 10 (Sat)
      Supporters' Reception
    • Oct 11 (Sun)
      Freethought Day 2015
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