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Sacramento Freethought Day

Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 at State Capitol Building

Sunday, Oct 12, 2014

State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA

Announcing Freethought Day 2014!

We are thrilled to share with you the many people who will be speaking, entertaining, and participating at our Authors' and Podcasters' Panel at this year's Freethought Day (and the Supporters' Reception the night before):

  • Rebecca Watson, SkepChick
  • Phil Zuckerman, Sociologist
  • Ross Blocher,
    of the podcast Oh No Ross and Carrie
  • Ryan Kane, Illusionist
  • Dan Arel, Author of Parenting without God
  • Victor Harris, Poet
  • Tom Manger, Secular Coalition for California

Plus an exciting authors' and podcasters' panel featuring:

  • Richard Carrier, Author
  • Greta Christina, Blogger and Author
  • David Fitzgerald, Author
  • Brendan Powell Smith,
    Author of The Brick Bible
  • Tom Beasley,
    of the podcast An American Atheist

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Freethought Day Checklist:

  1. Mark your calendar:
    • Oct 11 (Sat)
      Supporters' Reception
    • Oct 12 (Sun)
      Freethought Day
    • Oct 13 (Mon)
      Secular Advocacy Day
  2. Register online today,
  3. join us on Facebook or Google+, and
  4. follow us on Twitter for the latest announcements

Remembering Freethought Day 2013

Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, sponsored, entertained, and supported the event -- our best year ever! Check out our Photo Album.