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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 15, 2017

California State Capitol Building

Online registration is closed, but come anyway and we'll get you in.

This Year's Lineup

Not sure what Freethought Day is about? Watch our 3 minute video.

In celebration of our 16th anniversary, we are proud to have booked some amazing speakers:

Featured Speakers:

Sikivu Hutchinson 

Sikivu Hutchinson, African-American Feminist Author

Larry Decker 

Larry Decker, ED of Secular Coalition for America

David Smalley 

David Smalley, Podcaster and Activist

Jessica Xiao 

Jessica Xiao, Asian-American Feminist, Writer, Humanist

David Tamayo 

David Tamayo, President of Hispanic American Freethinkers

Special Guests:

Ryan Bell Ryan Bell, Our Emcee
Richard Pan 

Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator

Athena Salman 

Athena Salman, Arizona State Representative

Juan Mendez Juan Mendez, Arizona State Senator
Joshua Brown 

Joshua Brown, 13-Year Old Activist

Live Entertainment:

Roberta Chevrette 

Roberta Chevrette, Singer and Songwriter 

Victor Harris 

Victor Harris, Poet

Keith Jensen 

Keith Lowell Jensen, Comedian

Marie Bain 

Marie Bain, Singer and Songwriter

Uncle Sam (Andy Swan)  Uncle Sam

Author and Podcaster's Panel:

Thomas Smith 

Thomas Smith, Serious Inquiries Only

Elbe Spurling 

Elbe Spurling, Author

Rebecca Hensler 

Rebecca Hensler, The Secular Grief Support Handbook

Candace Gorham 

Candace Gorham, The Ebony Exodus Project

David Fitzgerald 

David Fitzgerald, Author

Evan Davids 

Evan Davids, Author

And don't forget: