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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 15, 2017

California State Capitol Building

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Be Recognized by California's Secular Community

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Sponsorship Flyer


Held at the steps of our state's capitol, California Freethought Day unites our state's non-religious community to celebrate secular rights, science, and the First Amendment in an outdoor festival with live entertainment, community groups, and powerful speakers.

Since its beginnings at the Sacramento County Courthouse Plaza in 2002, admission has always been free - supported by donors and sponsors who are recognized frequently from the stage, at our exhibition area, in our full-color program, through social media, and on our website.

CFD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and run entirely by volunteers.

An attendance of 500 is expected at our main event on Sunday, October 15, and two auxiliary events spanning the weekend attract a demographic that is philanthropic, engaged, and progressive.

One in three Californians identifies as non-religious1, and your message will reach an audience that will cherish your support of one of the best events they will attend all year long. 

Sponsorship Packages

Become a sponsor of Freethought Day and be recognized and loved by the community. All organizations are provided a table at our main event on Sunday at the California State Capitol.

+ Lunches
Other Recognition  
Entry $150 1/4
- Website Text, 2x Live Announcements.
Bronze $250 1/2
1 Website Logo, 3x Live Announcements.
Silver $500 Full
2 Website Logo, 3x Live Announcements,
Press Releases.
Gold $1,000 Full
6 Website Banner, 4x Live Announcements,
Press Releases, Social Media Posts, Logo on Video.
Platinum $2,500 Full
14 Website Banner, 6x Live Announcements,
Press Releases, Social Media Posts, Logo on Video,
Banner on Stage.
Leadership Sponsor $1,000 Full
4 Website Banner, 4x Live Announcements,
Table and Special Recognition at Leadership Day.
Reception Table $485 - 4 Designed for regional groups to sit together.
Website Text, 2x Live Announcements
Reception Sponsor $1,500 Full
10 Website Banner, 4x Live Announcements,
Press releases, Table and Special Recognition at Reception.

Want just a table? We're happy to provide one, at no cost, for organizations that share our mission. Register here.

You can upgrade your table to a tent for just $100 more. For questions about becoming a sponsor, contact David


Camp Quest West

What is Included?

Each sponsorship package includes recognition on our website and program, a table at the main event for your business or organization, reserved seating, and more. Larger packages include tickets to our reception, volunteer lunches, and even more recognition.


Where Do Funds Go?

Your funds will help cover the travel costs of our speakers, equipment and furniture rentals, marketing expenses, insurance, and other costs that make this a successful event. Your sponsorship is likely tax-deductible. Learn more about our non-profit status.

Secular Student Alliance

Secular Student Alliance Affiliates

We love the SSA! You're welcome to have a table at Freethought Day at no cost. You should also contact the SSA for travel reimbursement options, and bring your best volunteers to Secular Leadership Day on Saturday.


Donate a Raffle Prize

If you would like to donate a raffle prize or other items to Freethought Day, please contact David. You will be recognized for your gift which may be tax-deductible.

This Year's Sponsors

Find out more about our generous sponsors and supporters.

1 The Pew Research Center, in their Religious Landscape Study of 2014, found that 27% of California adults are "Unaffiliated (religious "nones")" including atheists, agnostics, and "nothing in particular".