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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 15, 2017

California State Capitol Building

Sponsors and Donors

Want to help make Freethought Day even better? Support us! Individuals and organizations can sponsor Freethought Day and be recognized for it. Find out more.

The following details are still being updated from our prior year and may be changed.

Gold Sponsors ($1000+)

Applied Office On-Site Computer Training

Applied OfficeApplied Office is a California business (based in Lodi, California) with over 20 years of experience providing training on Microsoft software.

Applied Office is owned by David Diskin, a certified Microsoft Office "Master", and can help your business or government agency by providing instructor-led, on-site training on the applications that you use every day including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Project, and more.

Paul Storey

Silver Sponsors ($500+)

The Original Motto ProjectThe Original Motto Project

The Original Motto Project is on a mission to have the words E Pluribus Unum in every municipal building across the country and be the national motto. They believe that the phrase promotes the truly inclusive nature of American society. This is the motto our founders intended us to have.

Bronze Sponsors ($250+)

Reason Center

Mynga Futrell for the Reason Center


Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area (HAGSA)

Humanist Association of the
Greater Sacramento Area (HAGSA)

No More "In God We Trust"  

Entry Level and Program Sponsors ($150+)

Supporters, Advocates, and Champions

Champions ($135+)

  • Joseph Morrow
  • Angela Garvie
  • Ian Garvie
  • David Noelle
  • Nancy Sneed
  • Fran Evanisko
  • Kenneth Nahigian
  • Ruth Rezos
  • Sarah Tygert
  • Greg Martin

Advocates ($75+)

  • Gary Alexander
  • Terri Smith
  • Elaine Sabatino
  • Nate Johnson
  • Kimberly Abell
  • Jon Gorrono
  • Beth Hallmark
  • Steve Campbell
  • Randall Williams
  • Margaret Williams
  • Kaeleigh Pontif
  • Steven Dorst
  • Michael Caton
  • Tom Ikelman
  • Wendy Ikelman
  • Thomas Westbrook

Supporters ($25+)

  • Marcella Burks
  • Robin Anderson
  • Nikki Harris
  • Ashley Parker
  • Jim Dorst
  • Ken Hayes
  • Silvia Hayes
  • Terry Sandbek
  • William Sherrard
  • Patrick McGinnis
  • Frances McGinnis
  • Nancy Sneed
  • Annabel Zammit
  • Jon Alexandr, Co-organizer, Contra Costa Atheists and Freethinkers (CCAF)
  • Jane Russell, Co-organizer, Contra Costa Atheists and Freethinkers (CCAF)
  • Christine Tweet
  • Douglas Gary
  • Joseph Mitchener
  • Charles Sims
  • Linda Sims
  • Diana Polainer
  • Matthew Doyle
  • Debbie Allen
  • Alexis Record
  • Elaine Stone
  • Eric Stone
  • Robert Rudholm
  • David Ewert
  • Haruko Wada
  • Bill Potts
  • Elaine Potts
  • Julia Rydquist
  • Karalee Hargrove
  • Akash B
  • Jason Lawrence

In-Kind Support

For their in-kind support of Freethought Day, we would like to especially thank: