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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 16, 2016

California State Capitol Building


Oct 13 (Thu):
Volunteer Dinner

A special volunteer-only dinner to thank those who have given their time to make Freethought Day a success. We'll dine at 6:00 PM. Learn about volunteering.

Oct 15 (Sat):
Leadership Day

Intended for organizers and board members of meetup groups, campus clubs, Sunday Assemblies, and more. Learn about Leadership Day.

Oct 15 (Sat):
Supporters' Reception

Our Supporters' Reception featuring live entertainment, a selection of fine wines, appetizers, and desserts, and the company of our speakers. Join us at 7 PM for only $75. Learn about our Fundraising Reception.

Oct 16 (Sun): Freethought Day 2016


Doors Open, Registration, and Community Exhibitors

Speakers and more to be announced!


Clean-Up and Goodbyes

Read the bios of our speakers, authors, and entertainers.

Oct 17 (Mon): Secular Leadership Day

Organized by the Secular Coalition for California, we'll gather on Monday from 9 AM - 2 PM to make a difference in our state and local government. Sign up for this special event and help us change the face of politics.

Be a part of Secular Advocacy Day and make your voice heard!