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California Freethought Day

2021 Complete Schedule

Events Surrounding Freethought Day

In addition to the big event on Sunday, we have three other events this same weekend:

Oct 9 (Sat) at 10 Am:
Leadership Day

Volunteers, leaders, and advocates are invited to join us from 10 AM - 4 PM for a day of networking, workshops, information sharing, and more.

Oct 9 (Sat) at 7 pm:
Fundraising Reception

Our Fundraising Reception features live entertainment, an open bar, appetizers, and desserts, and the company of many of our speakers. Join us for an amazing evening that supports this event.

Oct 11 (Mon) at 9 am:
Advocacy Day

Be heard by your elected officials, via Zoom, during a morning of secular advocacy. join us from 9 AM - Noon.

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Oct 10 (Sun): Freethought Day 2021

Please note that our schedule is subject to last-minute changes, and we're still filling in a few surprises.


Online "Doors" Open

Visit the virtual community tables, authors, and podcasters.


Ian HarrisIntroductions, Ian Harris, Emcee

Welcome, opening remarks, and recognition of our sponsors.


David Diskin

Opening remarks from the president of California Freethought Day.


Recognition for Elected Secular Officials

To be determined.


Debra OlsonDebra Olson, Granddaughter of CA Gov. Culbert Olson

Debra is the founder of and the granddaughter of California's first openly atheist governor, Culbert Olson.




Authors' and Podcasters' Panel

Facilitated by the host of Opening Arguments, join Thomas Smith as he interviews a variety of podcasters and authors that we've brought to the stage.

Thomas Smith Ross Blocher Carrie Poppy Ian Harris Alexis Record
Thomas Smith Ross Blocher Carrie Poppy Ian Harris Alexis Record


Scholarship Winners

Our Scholarship Essay is still open for entries. Our winner will be announced by October 1st.


Sailor AlfonzoSailor Alfonzo, a student from San Diego, CA, will be reading her winning haiku entries.


To Be Announced


Leighann LordLeighann Lord, Comedian

Leighann has aired on Comedy Central, HBO, The View, and more, and received the AHA Humanist Arts Award. An author, podcaster, and more, she was also the co-host of StarTalkRadio.


Sarah LevinSarah Levin, Secular Strategies

Sarah founded Secular Strategies to mobilize voters and empower policymakers, after working for the Secular Coalition for America.




Community Awards

We will be presenting three very special people with awards:

Mynga Futrell Margaret Downey Bruce Gleason
Mynga Futrell Margaret Downey Bruce Gleason


Scarlett Rabe

More info coming soon.


To Be Announced


Joey FabianJoey Fabian

Joey is a bassist, singer, composer, producer, coffee snob, and more. From playing bass with pop star Alana Davis, the Bartron Tyler Group, Paula Harris, and writing the score for the film “The Knock”, Joey's talents have taken him across all kinds of media and audiences.




Freethought Day Committee

Remarks, Inductee(s), and Door Prize Giveaway!


Yvette d'EntremontYvette d'Entremont, "SciBabe"

As a chemist, Yvette launched SciBabe for passion and fun. Today, her science-based journalism has become a full time job -- making science more relatable and accessible in a social media landscape of misinformation.  


Abraham Steve MackeyAbraham Mackey

Once a born again, spirit-filled Pentecostal preacher, Abraham said "enough is enough" and left the world of faith. Today he entertains audiences with his voice, guitar, and stories from the rich history of 1960’s and 70’s rock and roll. 


David Diskin

Closing remarks.

Read the bios of our speakers, authors, and entertainers.