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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 13, 2019

California State Capitol Building

Local Meetups and Carpool Groups

The following details are still being updated from our prior year and may be changed.

For those who prefer to carpool, we've assembled local Meetup groups to help you make arrangements with nearby friends.



Group Carpool

We've set up  an account at GroupCarpool to make finding carpooling buddies easier.

If you're offering a ride, click the +Add button. Otherwise, join a carpool or add yourself to the waitlist.

SoCal Vanpool

We are working with various groups in Southern California to piece together a  vanpool.

More details will come soon.

Facebook Events

You may also RSVP and discuss the event on Facebook:


Bay Area:


  • Reno

Other Northern CA:

Southern CA:

Not on the list?

Contact our webmaster and we'll add your group right away.