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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 10, 2021

California State Capitol Building

Making it a Great Day

What to Bring

Unless it's pouring, California Freethought Day is outside on the lawn of the California State Capitol. If it rains, we have an alternate indoor venue that will be communicated via email to all registered guests and on social media.

You might want to bring a blanket or your favorite lawn chair to enjoy the speakers and entertainment on the grass. Of course, we will have plenty of seating available too.

You should definitely bring cash, checks, and credit cards to support all of the great authors, community organizations, and sponsors that will be at Freethought Day.

You do not need to bring proof of registration as we'll have a list of all registered attendees at our check-in table.

Eating at the Event

Bring Your Own

Attendees are welcome to bring their own food and drinks. Make it a picnic with an ice chest or basket!

However, alcohol and glass bottles are absolutely prohibited.

Pre-Purchased Box Lunches

If you like, you can pre-purchase with early registration. We cater the following delicious sandwiches from Panera Bread:

Lunches include an apple, pickle, cookie (or fruit for vegans), and a beverage. Lunches arrive at 11:45 AM.

Lunches are $20, and included with certain sponsorship and fundraising packages! When you register in advance, you'll be provided an opportunity to purchase lunch.

Lunches are not available for last-minute purchase.

Eating Out

There won't be any food vendors at Freethought Day, however there are places to eat that will be open on Sunday, including:



Code of Conduct and Privacy Policies

For the benefit of all, we have crafted a Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy that all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, entertainers, volunteers, and committee members must adhere to. While we don't expect any problems to arise, we want everyone to understand what is and is not permitted.

A copy of our policies will be in the event program, available for free to registered attendees.