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California Freethought Day


The following details are still being updated from our prior year.

Our main event features live entertainment throughout the day, but be sure to check out our fundraising reception which also offers live entertainment.

Scarlett Rabe, Singer / Songwriter

Scarlett RabeScarlett trained with world-renowned pianists and Juilliard instructors as a child while being raised in an religious cult. Forbidden to watch television or listen to the radio, she was offered a world tour as a classical pianist at age 16... an opportunity forbidden by cult leadership

After a decade of traumatic soul-searching, Scarlett found the fortitude to flee the cult. After relocating to Los Angeles, she launched her career as a singer-songwriter. Scarlett’s song, Battle Cry, hit #18 on the Billboard charts.

Scarlett is a passionate advocate for the separation of church and state and launched Global Good, an international not-for-profit foundation established to promote regenerative farming, reverse climate crisis, and advance earth-friendly initiatives.

Follow Scarlett on YouTube and on Instagram and Twitter (@ScarlettRabe).

Scarlett will be performing a set at our Supporters' Reception on Saturday and another set on Sunday afternoon.

Ron Swallow, Comedian

Ron SwallowRon is the cohost of The Greatest Pod, part of the on-camera talent for Reboot It on YouTube, and a nationally touring comedian.

With a unique outlook as a once-white-trash new-age person, who turned into an atheistic nerd, Ron's ideas and stories get laughs all across the country. 

Ron will be performing a set at our Supporters' Reception on Saturday and another set on Sunday afternoon.

Abraham Steve Mackey, Musician

Abraham Steve MackeySteve, a zealous young theater major, gave up what may have been a promising career as an actor, to become "Abraham"… a born again, spirit-filled Pentecostal preacher espousing the virtues of the Christian faith in the mid 1970’s. Yet, after more than thirty-five years of trying to reconcile Christian beliefs with reality, Abraham and his wife, Mary, both said "enough is enough" and left the world of faith.

Today, Abraham does what he loves doing most by entertaining audiences with his singing voice, guitar playing, and sharing of stories and classic hits from the rich history of 1960’s and 70’s rock and roll. 

Follow Abraham on YouTube.

Abraham will be performing a set at our Supporters' Reception on Saturday and a song or two on Sunday.

Joey Fabian, Musician

Joey FabianJoey is a bassist, singer, composer, producer, coffee snob, and more. From playing bass with pop star Alana Davis, the Bartron Tyler Group, Paula Harris, and writing the score for the film “The Knock”, Joey's talents have taken him across all kinds of media and audiences.

Joey started The Skeptic’s Jukebox -- a compilation of covers from talent including George Gershwin, Monty Python, Willie Dixon, and Frank Zappa --  as a way to contribute to the skeptical community. "Songs of reason are a reason to sing," says Joey, who has performed at SkeptiCal Con, Darwin Day, NECSS, and at [Sacramento] Freethought Day in 2011. His video of Randy Newman’s "God’s Song" was featured at the San Francisco Atheist Film Festival.

Learn more about Joey at

Joey will be performing a few songs on Sunday.

Andy Swan, Uncle Sam

Uncle SamIt all began when Andy's oldest brother, George, taught him how to juggle back in 1966. At first Andy would visit the circuses just to see the jugglers, but once he saw what else the circus had to offer he fell in love. After high school he went off to join the DeWayne Bros. Circus in Oregon. During his year with them he learned just about everything there was to learn about circus life.

Andy will delight children and adults with juggling, balloon animals, magic, and all kinds of good-natured fun. 

Uncle Sam will be delighting our guests on Sunday in the afternoon, on the move through the crowd and exhibitor area.