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California Freethought Day


Our streaming event will feature two entertainers.

Shelley Segal, Musician

Shelley SegalAn artist, activist and storyteller Shelley uses her music to create the world that she wants to see.  

As a young adult Shelley questioned her Jewish tradition with it’s rules and rituals that heavily impact women and those who want to live on their own terms. These themes of free-thinking and empowerment inspired her debut album, folk-pop protest record, 'An Atheist Album' which garnered fans in the US and led to a performance at the Reason Rally to 30,000 on the National Mall in Washington DC.

Shelley regularly creates music which supports grass-roots activists and performs for secular, atheist, humanist and freethinking communities. Her song Saved is the theme song for The Atheist Experience.

Follow her on Twitter @shelleysegal2, her website, her Patreon, and on Bandcamp.

Andy Swan, Uncle Sam

Uncle SamIt all began when Andy's oldest brother, George, taught him how to juggle back in 1966. At first Andy would visit the circuses just to see the jugglers, but once he saw what else the circus had to offer he fell in love. After high school he went off to join the DeWayne Bros. Circus in Oregon. During his year with them he learned just about everything there was to learn about circus life.

Andy will delight children and adults with juggling, balloon animals, magic, and all kinds of good-natured fun.