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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 14, 2018

California State Capitol Building

Live Entertainment

Greydon Square

Greydon SquareEddie Collins, better known by his stage name Greydon Square, is an American West Coast hip hop emcee, producer, and sound engineer from Compton, California. He is a former U.S. Army soldier and Iraq War veteran who is also an outspoken atheist. He promotes discussion on philosophical and scientific issues.

Greydon taught himself to play piano as a child and has been expressing himself through rap under his stage name of Greydon Square since 2004. After his discharge, Greydon began attending college in Tempe, Arizona as a full-time student studying physics and computer science. 

 Among his influences are Phil Collins, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, and The Bee Gees. His music deals with philosophical and political issues, the war in Iraq and his experiences as a soldier, and his childhood which was spent in group homes.  

Greydon is performing a set in the late afternoon during Freethought Day, and a song or two at our Fundraising Reception.

Victor Harris, Poet

Victor HarrisVictor was a staple on the Bay Area poetry scene beginning in 1999. He has been featured at various venues in Oakland and Berkeley, and was on the slam finals stage for team Oakland in 2003. He is the recipient of the 2001 Frederic C Fallon Award for poetry from Chabot College, and a 2006 graduate of Cal State University Hayward with a B.A. in Liberal Studies.

Victor has been writing and performing atheist, skeptical, rational, and science-themed poetry since 2007 and has performed at conferences around the country.

When he's not writing, or performing, or deejaying, he is the talent behind Reuschelle's Cheesecakes and won a Best of the Bay award from the East Bay Express in 2009.

Victor is performing twice, towrards the beginning and end of Freethought Day.

Low Technology

Low TechnologyLow Technology, also known as LTGU is a rap group from the Grand Unified Creative Collective. Founded in 2007 by Greydon Square Blue Picasso, & Tombstone, Grand Unified Theory was founded as a secular organization dedicated to the understanding of scientific ideas and the spreading of scientific knowledge by creative means to the general public. We are a collective from all different backgrounds from music(hip-hop, metal, rock) to particle physics, biology and clinical sciences hoping to share our knowledge with the world. To educate and inform through our creativity.  To encourage healthy discourse among a variety of subjects. Our ever expanding digital assets include, education videos, informational content, and live online broadcasts.

Low Technology formed as a faction of this collection. Their first project, a hip hop album entitled “LTGU” was released on Bandcamp in August of 2017 and will be on itunes shortly after. The group consists of 4 main members including Scientifik, Iyosi Pydas, Sai Phi, and GU founder Greydon Square. The album consists of 14 songs and has production from Greydon Square, Traumah, and Dr Evo.

Low Technology are performing a set in the early afternoon during Freethought Day.

Sean O'Brien

Sean O'BrienSean O'Brien has for many years been performing, directing and teaching acting in professional, community and educational theaters across the U.S.  Upon retiring from teaching Sean began Every Corner Productions which so far boasts two one-man shows: "The Portable Poe Show" in which Sean performs dramatizations of Poe's poetry and short stories, and "Bob: The Words of Col. Robert Green Ingersoll".which is a composite of passages taken from Ingersoll's most memorable speeches.

Sean will be performing as Robert Ingersoll at the very beginning of Freethought Day and at our Fundraising Reception.

Marie Bain

Marie BainMarie Bain is an eclectic jazz singer and songwriter. She sings about life, liberty and the pursuit of existentialism without the angst. With stinging satire, Marie sings about the uncertainties of life in her first single, “I Don’t Know”, released in 2017 on all major social platforms including YouTube.

Marie also acts and has appeared on screen in shows like Gilmore Girls, Art School Confidential, and that all time favorite, Screech of the Decapitated. Her stage appearances include Six Women With Brain Death, Nunsense, Othello, and LA Ovation winner; Animal Farm as Squealer, the singing propaganda pig.

But her best gig ever? Singing Christmas carols in Japan, with two gay guys and a Jew. Sweet harmony at its finest!

Marie is performing in the late afternoon during Freethought Day, and at our Fundraising Reception.

Uncle Sam (Andy Swan)

Uncle SamIt all began when Andy's oldest brother, George, taught him how to juggle back in 1966. At first Andy would visit the circuses just to see the jugglers, but once he saw what else the circus had to offer he fell in love. After high school he went off to join the DeWayne Bros. Circus in Oregon. During his year with them he learned just about everything there was to learn about circus life.

Andy will delight children and adults with juggling, balloon animals, magic, and all kinds of good-natured fun. 

Uncle Sam will be available from around noon until 4 PM.