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California Freethought Day

SARS-CoV-2 Update

Last Update

September 2, 2021

Get Vaccinated

As humanists, it should be no surprise that the health of our volunteers, attendees, and speakers are our top priority and that we trust the advice of our scientific community.

Because of this, we have transisitioned all weekend events to live, online sessions (via Zoom) while keeping the feel of Freethought Day.

For our main event, we're going to do our best to be interactive and give our attendees plenty of things to do:

Our Leadership Day and Supporters’ Reception events (Saturday) and Advocacy Day (Monday) will also be moved online and be as intimate and interactive as possible, utilizing breakout rooms, chat, and more to keep the events moving smoothly.

Regretfully, we cannot do a Capitol Tour this year.

Perhaps most importantly, we encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated.

To good health,

The California Freethought Day Planning Committee

PS: Be sure to register for the 20th annual California Freethought Day.