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California Freethought Day

Sunday, October 13, 2019

California State Capitol Building

The Freethought Day Blog

We are thrilled to have podcaster Thomas Smith interviewing our speakers and other guests, discussing highlights of the event, and more.


Date Interviewee
August 17, 2018 Steve Hill Steve Hill

About Thomas Smith

Thomas SmithThomas is a podcaster, host of Serious Inquiries Only and co-host of Opening Arguments. He began his podcasting career by working his way through the entire bible in podcast form, criticizing and poking jokes along the way, in his creatively-named podcast Thomas and the Bible. Having somehow finished that six-year purgatory, he now focuses on politics, philosophy, science, and countering any bad arguments he can get his hands on.

Thomas is also our offical blogger, and will be interviewing our speakers and guests on his podcast Serious Inquiries Only.

Past Blog Entries

In 2017, we asked Thomas Smith to be our guest blogger and to interview some of our guests.

Date Interviewee
October 11, 2017 Jessica Xiao
October 1, 2017 David Tamayo
September 10, 2017 Roberta Chevrette
In 2016, we asked Dan Arel to be our guest blogger and to interview some of our guests.

Date Topic
September 25, 2016 Author's Panel
September 8, 2016 Speaker Spotlight: Sanal Edamaruku
September 1, 2016 Speaker Spotlight: Shelley Segal
August 25, 2016 Speaker Spotlight: David Silverman
August 16, 2016 Speaker Spotlight: Aron Ra