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California Freethought Day

Authors' and Podcasters' Panel

This year's streaming event will feature segments from three authors and podcasters.

Seth Andrews

Seth AndrewsSeth, a video producer and former Christian broadcaster, now hosts The Thinking Atheist one of the most popular online atheist communities in the world. The Thinking Atheist is not a person. It is an icon encouraging all to reject faith and pursue reason and evidence.  

Seth has authored four books: "Deconverted," "Sacred Cows," "Ghost Stories," and "Confessions of a Former Fox News Christian". He also hosts The Thinking Atheist podcast on Spreaker, a broadcast that has been downloaded over 50 million times since its launch in 2010. 

With a mix of humor and heart, Seth Andrews has spoken for audiences large and small in the U.S, Canada, Europe, and Australia about his former faith, the promotion of science and skepticism, the importance of Humanism in this often crazy world, and why we should all pursue a personal relationship with reality.

Thomas Westbrook, Holy Koolaid

Thomas WestbrookA former missionary-kid turned science-loving skeptic, Thomas is a world traveler and entrepreneur. He grew up in the former Soviet Union and spent over 17 years of his life in the Muslim world - raised by a young-earth creationist/evangelical family.  

After falling in love with science at Texas A&M, Thomas founded Holy Koolaid LLC - a media production company that creates laser-focused animated science videos - to counter harmful pseudoscience and teach critical thinking. He believes that truth withstands scrutiny and encourages curiosity.

Thomas is one of the founding board members of the Faithless Forum conference - held annually in Dallas, Texas (the first conference organized entirely by atheist YouTubers). He’s an international public speaker, presenting at universities and conferences around the world. His YouTube channel, Holy Koolaid, has garnered almost 100,000 subscribers and averages half a million monthly views. He’s been featured in Skeptical Inquirer, The Friendly Atheist, Fox News, Spectrum News, and CJAD Radio (Viewpoints with Todd van der Heyden), along with dozens of other media appearances.

Follow him on Twitter @HolyKoolaid.

Erin Louis

Erin LouisAfter her first two eye-opening books about the stripper world and her memoirs, Erin shares with us her new self-help book, Expose Yourself, promoting critical thinking and self-confidence, through humor, challenging insights, and her own true personal and career stories.

A cross between Fifty Shades of Grey and The God Delusion, Ms. Louis titillates as she enlightens and challenges readers, based on her years of taking risks, enduring judgments and self-doubt, which led Erin to find her own happiness. Her mission now is to help everyone live their best lives without the need to please society's unrealistic ideals, to find the courage to be themselves and know they are not alone, no matter who they are.

As Erin puts it, "I hope to provide that little nudge you may need to tell the world to kiss your butt, because you are awesome just the way you are."

Learn more at her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@ErinLouis666).